CorVoce's mission is to give voice to the heart and foster community through the unique and expressive power of choral music.

Our audiences are key to fulfilling that mission.

Since March of this year, the world has not been the same for any of us. The continuing threat of COVID-19 remains. The grassroots movement to press for true social equity continues as well.

Out of an abundance of care and concern CorVoce is adjusting to the reality as it now exists, limiting our gathering. But that does not mean we have gone under ground. We are working on finding new ways to maintain the organization and promote community.

Circumstances that inspired our plans for a March concert centered around kindness have become even more evident to us today and so we remain focused on crafting a new program that includes the premier of Catherine Dalton’s amazing work “Only Kindness.” 

Visit regularly to see how things are progressing. And if you are inclined to offer financial support, please visit our donation page. 

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